Privacy Policy for drip app


This Privacy Policy sets out how the iOS app “drip.” uses and protects your personal data that you generate and store within the app.

Data use

Drip respects and celebrates your privacy. There is no collection of usage data or personal information, no ads, no spyware. Drip can store data related to menstrual health locally on your device.

This includes:

The data is used to display statistics and apply fertility awareness rules. This data cannot be accessed by other apps.

If you wish to delete all your app data you can do so by navigating to Settings, Data and Delete app data. This can also be done by uninstalling the app.


For using reminders in drip you need to allow push notifications. If you don’t want to use reminders in drip you simply don’t allow notifications for the app.


You can read through the source code of drip to ensure the given information is correct. The source code is like a recipe: It tells you how much and what kind of ingredients you need and how you prepare them to cook a tasty meal or program a funky app.

Buon appetito!

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